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  • 2019 Year End Tax Tips
    Posted On: 29/01/20 - 0

    Dear Clients,                               &…Read More

  • 2018 Year End Tax Tips
    Posted On: 09/01/19 - 0

    Dear Clients, Another tax season is upon us and there are number of new things this year to keep in mind: Scammers continue to dial in from a foreign location – you will NEVER receive a phone call o…Read More

  • Paytrak Payroll Services
    Posted On: 31/10/18 - 0

    As small business experts it became apparent to us in the early 1990’s that there needed to be a better way for small business to process their payroll. Largely ignored and under-serviced by the lar…Read More

  • Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)
    Posted On: 31/10/18 - 0

    Contribution Rules and Limits Income Tax Act s. 207.01(1) The basic rules relating to tax-free savings account include the following: Contributions can be made by Canadian residents aged 18 or over …Read More

  • 8 Benefits of Hiring A Business Service
    Posted On: 31/10/18 - 0

    Owning and running a successful business can be a lifelong dream but it can also be an onerous task. Bookkeeping and running the financial side of your business is not always an intrinsic skill for ev…Read More

  • Year End Tax Letter 2017
    Posted On: 06/02/18 - 0

    Dear Clients,                                                                                             …Read More

  • Year End Tax Letter 2016
    Posted On: 02/02/17 - 0

      Dear Clients,   Another tax season is upon us and there are number of new things this year to keep in mind:   The tax filing deadline this year is Monday, May 1 as April 30 lands on a…Read More

  • Nine Ways Your Family Finances Change under a Liberal Government
    Posted On: 20/10/15 - 0

    Here are nine things you need to know about how your personal finances will change under the new Liberal government. These points are based on measures the party campaigned on prior to the election Mo…Read More

  • Year-End tax tips for RRSP, RRIF and TFSA
    Posted On: 14/10/15 - 0

    Year-end tax tips for RRSP, RRIF and TFSA…Read More

  • Padgett Small Biz Builder October
    Posted On: 02/10/15 - 0

    October’s Newsletter…Read More

  • Small Business Owner’s Guide to Banks
    Posted On: 02/10/15 - 0

    Believe it or not, one of the most important facets in operating your business is your banking relationship. Making the right decision in your banks will affect many details in the everyday running of…Read More

  • Padgett Paytrak Benefits for Small Business Owners
    Posted On: 02/10/15 - 0

    Watch this short video on our new benefits package offered by Green Shield. Click on link below to start. NEW – Padgett Paytrak Benefits for Small Business…Read More

  • When Should You Expand
    Posted On: 02/10/15 - 0

    Congratulations on even having to answer this question. If you are in this position, you have done a number of things correctly. First, you have been able to successfully start a business and develop …Read More

  • Estate Planning
    Posted On: 02/10/15 - 0

    Estate planners often suggest that the RRSP/RRIF holder designate a beneficiary of the plan. There are many advantages: → Probate fees can be avoided because the funds transfer direct to the benefic…Read More

  • How to Select a Good Accountant
    Posted On: 01/10/15 - 0

    The quick and easy answer to how to select a good accountant is to say, “Select me!” That, however, is not the purpose of this article, so we will provide you with some additional criteria for the…Read More

  • Starting a Small Business
    Posted On: 01/10/15 - 0

    Congratulations! You’ve taken, or are about to take, one of the steps that will change your life. Most people who work for themselves will tell you their worst day being self employed is better than…Read More

  • Documenting the Use of a Vehicle
    Posted On: 01/10/15 - 0

    Many people are not fully aware of how to properly record the use of a vehicle for business purposes. Please read below and follow the links for helpful and important information. You may also want to…Read More

  • Director & Personal Liability
    Posted On: 01/10/15 - 0

    In a recent Tax Alert titled “Abuse of Source Deductions and GST/HST Amounts Held in Trust” CRA warned that businesses must hold source deductions and GST/HST amounts in trust for the government. …Read More

  • Year End Tax Letter 2014
    Posted On: 11/08/15 - 0

    Dear Clients and Friends,   Another tax season is upon us and I look forward to seeing everyone again and hearing how the year went.   Since there are quite a number of new things this year, why…Read More